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Monday, October 6, 2008

Nothing better, ugh, mondays

Some mondays go smooth and some.....

Everything goes smooth until you get to work. Then you get settled into your little cube, get ready to attack your day. Then you type your password wrong and it locks your computer. The coffee machine over flows because whoever made the coffee didn't check to make sure the cannister was empty before filling it......... Ugh, and now I have someone over nxt to me talking about an ex and ranting and raving and ranting and raving about all kinds of personal information... Keep some things private, some of your stuff, your baggage, we don't need to know. Have some self respect. Pull yourself together. Sorry about the rant, but we all have these ppl in our places of work. It is just too much to handle on some monday mornings, especially after an eagles loss. I feel the need to interject my opinion. I mean if you didn't want me to talk about it with you then clearly you wouldn't be talking about it where I can here you.... Gooooo monday! Hip hip hooooray!

Ps. Coffee lady no longer here, got canned (I think).
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Dolce said...

I could run circles around you when it comes to inappropriate office talk. CIRCLES, I tell you!

Non-Grasshopper said...

Dude. Sounds like a challenge to me. Whatcha gonna do about that?