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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rope chain!!!

I am sitting at work,( yes on a saturday) thinking about the good old 80s. So much is going on with the economy, the presidential race*, and me working on saturdays that I thought I should talk about something else (like run on sentences, ha). I happened to come upon an old chain, to be more specific, a rope chain. Now this chain is gold and rope style, alas it gets worse it has a charm!! Let me tell you that in 1988 NOTHING was better than a gold rope chain with your favorite sports team on a charm. In this case the phila 76ers** - BANG. Come on I know you remember giving charms to your boy/girl friend for b-day, valentines and x-mas gifts. They certainly were cool. When the olive garden was a high class place to eat, and you could rock the rope chain on the outside of you rayon shirt. I could get into the moon boots, z-cavs, georgio britinis, members only, jams, op... Heck even michael and prince, yet I am sure this has been talked about enough, or at least I will save that for a future post!

* palin is dropping the puck at the flyers game tonight. Should be interesting.
** I still wear it once in a blue moon when I really need to have good luck. Wifey does not approve, yet it is way cool.
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