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Friday, December 19, 2008

In my little world

I sit at my desk and gaze out the window from time to time. I think my office looks just like the office building accross the street. I wonder if over there someone is looking out their window wondering if someone over here is looking over there. Let's call that guy bizzaro PJ. He is the negative to my positive. When I get 0 sales he is signing em up all day. When I spill my coffee all over my desk he probably finds five bucks in his desk. Darn that bizzaro. I always have bizzaro counter parts. I think it started when I was young and really thought that China was the opposite of Phily. I blame this on my brother. He probably put this thought or idea in my young mind and it has stuck with me for years. Running a bit late this am so that is all you get today. As for monday, I will tell you my gun/fbi story. How is that for a cliff hanger? Let's hope bizzaro PJ has a rough day today.
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Fluffycat said...

Doesn't look too snowy out there today.

Jest said...

Happy weekend!! Hope you enjoy it.