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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thumbs up guy

I think this guy is at every office that ever existed. You know him, or you could be him. The guy who whenever he walks away he gives you the thumbs up with a smile. Cheese at its best! I always wanted to be the mr. Innapropriate hugger guy, yet I just can't get myself to do it. I have not found the two finger point guy yet, but I know he is out there. It sure is fun to be the new guy, and be able to put some thought into who I want to be. Right now I have the I don't really know your name so I am vague as possible guy on lock down. Friday is my first work function and I surely know that I don't want to be bad secret santa gift guy, or drunk at a work function guy, or holy shit he ate all the leftovers guy. I think great dancer guy is out of the question as is great karaoke guy. Feel free to pass along some suggestions. Maybe I will be really excited for the party guy. I also don't want to be the sitting at the table blogging/txting/e mailing guy. Man I hope its fun so I am not tempted to be ' that guy.'
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Jest said...

Oh, please be inappropriate hugger/he got too drunk guy! It will give people at work something to talk about. And wouldn't your wife love it?

Emma said...

This post made me laugh so much, I hope you've been enjoying your blog, I've not had internet access for ages but am looking forward to reading through some of your recent posts and catching up on your life!

LBluca77 said...

I say you should be the sit back, relax and take notes guy. Then you can blog about all the stuff you witnessed. Cause lets face it life is just one blog post waiting to happen.