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Thursday, December 11, 2008

A moment.

Maybe a few times in a life time does something happen that makes you take stock of your life. Makes you step back and think for a second or an hour a day a week or a month. Really sit down and think about what's important. Contemplate about why we are here. Some people choose the why me avenue, the glass half full road is pretty conjested. Reflection is a very powerful too. I try to live my life pretty clean, as in as little dirt as possible. Wifey was brought up pretty religious, me not so much. We have a lot of great talks about religion, and what I call formatted religion. I was brought up Quaker (not amish), and I have an open mind to all religions. I have a very open relationship with god. I think that I live my life with the idea of karma. Do unto others as you shall have done unto you, always made lots of sense to me. Take a minute and reflect, send some good thoughts out into the world, some good mojo. Get out there and make it a better place to live.
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Emma said...

What a beautiful post, I totally agree, I think we could all do well taking a moment to think about the "do unto others" thing, especially at this time of year when everyone gets so caught up in the Christmas malarky.

Jest said...

I think a lot of people live their lives totally focusing just on themselves (and I admit that I too am guilty of this!) so this was a nice post to remember it's not always just about yourself.

LBluca77 said...

Aaahhh I like that, we all should be sending good thoughts out there. No matter how we were raised or what our religious beliefs are there is no reason to not send good thoughts.