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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ahhh storms

This is my kitchen table, on Friday Dec 19,2008. Why the candles you ask? Well, because I don't have any power. Wifey and the beans are out at a holiday party for some teacher folk. I figure I will hang out here with the mighty Apollo in the dark and enjoy some quiet. Unless of course my basement floods. I really wish that I had some great knowlege to drop on you guys or some great weekend story, but I don't. Not yet. Ohh wait. A guy at work got the new google G1, not very impressed. Oh wait again....

I usually get to work a few minutes early and sit outside in my car listening to the radio and reading some of your wonderful blogs, yes you. I would link to you guys but, no power means no computer. Anywho, I see this well dressed really clean cut guy usually gets to the parking lot a bit after me each day. Well, yesterday he gets out of his car, turns a bit to reach for his sport coat... And he is packing heat, the dude is strapped (has a gun). I think to myself, no shit wonder what he needs that for? As I watch him enter the building I watch him take the stairs ( very healthy ), and go to the second floor. I being as nosey as I am, walk into the building and Iook at the directory. Scanning the second floor, scanning, scanning- mortgages, lawyer, hmmm FBI. holy cow, FBI in my building, pretty sweet. Maybe now I can find out the kennedy thing and area 54. I am sure they keep those files up there. I figure to befriend the guy some time next week. I will fill you all in soon.

Ok. its been a few hours now. I have gone to pick the beans up from the party. Dropped her off at nana and pop pops, told my wife to stay and have fun (her best friend is in from out of town). She wants to come home, yet not much to do here, except put some towels down in the basement to soak up some water. Other than that, move a few things so they don't get wet and clean up the mess tomorrow. Good times. Guess I will get to soaking up, and then head over to crash at nana and pop pops as well. It is what it is sometimes.*

Beans was already asleep whne we got there, the transition is sometimes rough from car to crib, regular clothes to pjs, yet we pulled it off. Luckily nana and pop pop are a one minute drive away. I am back and minimized the water damage, which I must say isn't really damage at all. I have nothing but cement floors down there. I think I will lose an old trunk that I really don't care about anyway. Other than that just about a days worth of time and scrubbing that floor. Good thing I can't hear my neighbors generator from my living room**. I have so many different scented candles burning that my sense of smell is going crazy. Nothing like sitting with the kitties and pupper in a dark cold house.

I have one ' real wood ' candle that crackles when it is burning, just like real wood. I am sitting delicately on the fence of grabbing that noisy ass candle and throwing it at the generator that is mocking me so wonderfully. When my battery goes dead on my phone I might just lose it.

Well, I feel asleep instead of going to nana and pop pops. Wifey sent a txt saying she was running late, so I headed to the basement for more cleanup. Pretty tired at this point and water sucks.

After lots of mopping and the sump pump running with the dehumidifier doing 110 percent the basement seems good to go. I went to ride a train with santa. The entire family went, and we had a blast. We sang carols, met with Santa, drank hot cocoa and headed home late after one fabulous train ride. Chooo choooo.

The only thing worse than my basement flooding is the weather has been terrible in Philly. Between being in a damp basement and chipping ice of the cars I caught a good case of the runny nose. So that means no visiting my neice or brother. Good stuff.

Also, the Eagles lost this weekend knocking them out of the playoffs (slim chance). And my fantasy football team was destroyed in the championship, who needs all that extra money anyway?!?!?

*special note: I think that is the first time I actually used the title of this blog in a story. Someone really needs to explain this tagging thing to me.
** if you didn't get it I was using sarcasm. I really can hear his effing generator- BANG
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brookem said...

ah, what a weekend. everything better now?

and as far as the tagging goes? not sure im the one to help you there as often my tags are longer than the post itself. tag crazy yo!

Jest said...

Sounds like quite an eventful weekend you had there! Much more so than mine, which involved me not even leaving the house because I can't deal with this ridiculous cold weather!!
Hope you're feeling better soon...Oh! And crazy that you work in the same building as the FBI (and didn't even realize it!!)

Fluffycat said...

Yikes. Hope you didn't have any water damage or anything.

LBluca77 said...

Storms are scary, the weather has been so insane lately.

But how cool would that be if you became friends with the FBI guy?!?!