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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What the----

Why the H E double hockey sticks can't I see anything when driving at night? A few years ago I just wasn't seeing things the way I used to, so I got the old eyes checked. Turns out I needed glasses for driving at night. I wore those glasses at night and all was good. Then at night in the rain it was a little rougher. Now that it is so dark so early it is a bit rougher. Seriously, W T H. Please note the caps! I am befuddled how these people can get away with giving me glasses that make my vision dependent on them and pretty much make my vision worse. How the heck am I supposed to read blogs on my way home from work? I either need to bring my laptop in the car or just not be able to see the entire way. Let's face it a laptop is not very safe in the car, unless your a cop they are trained professionals. Hmmm, maybe they are just blogging as well.

The one thing that I love about winter. No, its not the snow, although driving someone elses car in the snow is a blast. I love when all of.the leaves have fallen off of the trees. You can see so much more, you find houses that you never saw before and wonderful views. Wifey and I would take our Sunday drives to check out the scenery. Shoot up to my moms, which is an hour an half ride, or just drive up to Amish country. I would always apologize for not talking much, because I was too busy looking around. Unfortunately, we still enjoy those rides and I think the beans has become a fan of falling asleep in the car. Not good at nap time.

Yesterday in Philly high of 31 today 54 tomorrow 60 Thur and Fri back down to the 30s. This is prime getting sick weather. Yes, I know the weather doesn't make you sick the germs do, good luck with that!
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Jest said...

I've never believed that cold doesn't make you sick. Why then, is the winter prime cold and flu season? The other day, I had to be outside for work nearly all day and it was freezing. Surprise, surprise, I got sick.

Lora said...

It's because physically dealing with cold weather (trying to stay warm) lowers your immunity. I think.

I learned about it in college but that was more than a decade ago.

And I was drinking heavily

brookem said...

i know what you mean about the leaves being gone and... seeing more (that seems to be a theme in this post, no?). but it also looks so.. barren. and just feels COLD.

Dolce said...

glasses just for night? Yep, you are getting old...ol' man.