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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The hard part is getting started

Over the past year or so I have not really gained much weight, but as my last post stated my weight has changed. Hahaaha, I still wear the same size pants, even went down a belt loop size. It just seems that all of the hard work that I put in the gym in the past is now bye byes. So, its time to get motivated and get my lazy butt into gear. I have all of the tools that I need at the house. Bowflex, check. Free weights from 3 to 52, check. Bike, check. Wii fit, check. All of the above seem to be gathering dust right now. Sure the beans makes it hard, but I really can't use that as an excuse. Its time to get back to the grind. The hard part is getting that first week under my belt (hahaha no pun intended). In the past I would simply wake at 4:30am get to the gym at 5am and get a great workout in before the day started, I loved it. That just can't work anymore with a kid that wakes between 5 and 5 thirty am. So it starts tonight, once the beans goes down, daddy gets to work. My goal is pretty simple. Get into great shape this year before the Broad street run which is usually the first weekend in May. I have the time to get er done, I just have to put my mind to it. Easy fo sheezy.
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Jest said...

Getting up at 4:30 am is a serious sign of dedication so I have good feeling that you'll be able to do this!! Good luck. I need some workout motivation myself!

Lora said...

me too. i weigh the same, i wear the same pants, but i'm bigger and softer and way less happy with myself. especially the parts of myself that bulge out of my clothing.

i'm searching high and low for a Fit, and i'm promising to get to the gym every weekday between here and christmas.

okay pal, let's do this.

brookem said...

i hear ya- and the winter is such a tough time for this. it's tough sticking to a healthy eating plan and a good workout regimen in the holiday months. on these freezing mornings where in the summer id be busting my booty to the gym, id much rather pull the covers over my head than work it on the eliptical. and on the frigid nights, im more just craving a baked mac and cheese (and more wine, please) than a healthy little something, you know what im sayin?

good luck!

Laura said...

You are not alone PJ. While growing up in Toronto, it was so cold that it was accepted and encouraged to put on 5 or 10 pounds during the winter for warmth. Can you consider it your hibernation pounds? I think that the weight will fall off when Spring comes :)