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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday season

What a wonderful time to put some decorations on the tree and have some laughs. We have some carols going in the background, the beans doing her thing, canada is in, the family is over, my niece is doing very well, and my friends we'll,l are my friends. My cup it over flows..

It is the time of the year to let the past be the past and the future to write itself. Goodness and mercy for all my life. I have never really been a religious man, yet I am very spiritual. Along with my old age came a sense of family. Most of this was taught to me or showed to me by my wife. She has taught me so many wonderful ideas and ideals. I have learned so much from her family just by watching their daily activity. My brother and I are turning things around and setting a new example for not only ourselves, also our budding families. The holidays have a new meaning for me, not only for the holiday season, but year round as well.

I am sure that Christmas eve and Christmas mean different things to different people. Yet everyone can get into the spirit of making a difference, helping out a little or make it as easy as a sile to a stranger.

Enjoy the family and also enjoy all of those people you don't know that are bumping into you at the mall. You have more in common than you think.
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