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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brr its cold in here must be....

Some Pjs in the atmosphere. Winter in Philly is pretty unpredictable. Last year we had no snow, at least nun worth a mention. This year it has snowed 3 times before Christmas. Last night a little snow and ice, maybe an inch or so nothing serious. The roads are pretty good to almost very good. Temp up to 43 degrees today, so that means all of this will melt and freeze, Sweet. Nothing like a little ice to make people drive like idiots. Too fast or too slow, too offensive or too defensive. All of these a holes need to get off the road before I go all Mad Max on them. I tell you what though. The snow on the lawns and trees sure makes for some good scenery. And those christmas lawn deer with the lights look pretty cool, I have to pick some of those jawns up next year. Haha I said jawns! I love the 80s. I should have worn my moon boots today. That would have been way rad. SIKE.

Sorry this post is a bit weak content wise, but it is hard to concentrate on the road and type and THINK at the same time. Tommorrow will be gold, gold PJ gold.
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Jest said...

It's funny, but even though it happens every year, without fail, people forget how to drive once winter hits. I've never understood how that's possible!