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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ut ohhh

I just put this all together from some comments that I have gotten over the past few days. My building not only has the fbi, yet we also have a dermatologist. I am no conspiracy theorist, yet seeing people walking around in scrubs and patiets with bandages on their faces seems odd. Now take that a bit further and you have the guys walking around with the guns. Ohh, sugar snaps we have radio disney as well. What a tangled web we weave!

This morning on my way to work instead of listening to the radio I found myself listening to my daughters music. I sing along, naturally. It took me about five songs to put on some adult music - oooh oh diamond girl. I usually sing loudest to Mariah not only do I know the words, yet I have range like that- BANG

I have been thinking up a great holiday post and saving it for tomorrow. Then when I dropped the beans of this am, nana and pop pop said they would be bringing some gifts over tonight. Well, my tree still isn't decorated. We were waiting for canada to get into town and tonight is our first chance. Holiday season starts right now in PJs world. Let's go give some joy.

I am kinda of stressing about my works NYE party which starts at noon it is fully catered, and top shelf unlimited bar. Karoke is mandatory as per the ceo. Maybe I will have to bust out a little Grease, summer nights. Babylon by David Grey, no one knows the lyrics anyway. Down eastern Alexa by Billy Joel. Sweet child of mine, unskinny bop, its gonna be rough. I have been working on my Roger Rabbit, maybe my dance moves will keep the focus off my singing. On of my favorite songs is 5 steps by dru hill, I bust that out in the car all the time.

I hope everyone has a great day.
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Jest said...

I love karaoke! I expect a full report on every song you sang.
Hope you have a great holiday season!!