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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In my old age

I have come to learn a few things:

Beer actually has flavors. Go figure. I can hardly believe that this stuff isn't just to get hammered and make a spectacle out of yourself. It actually tastes good as well. Last night I came home with a case of Sam Adams winter brew, and wifey says woooh big spender the good stuff. I certainly do remember the days at good old PSU going to the distributor to grab a 30 back of natty light and maybe on a good day a case of bush pounders. Whatever was on sale was good enough for me, heck was good enough for all of us. Now that I have learned how to enjoy beer instead of chug chug chug it sure is nice to have something that goes down nice and smooth. Coming from a family where both of my grandfathers, whom I have only met one (once for a fewhours) were alcoholics my parents sure worried in college. I don't drink much now, yet I do know the difference between cheap beer and some good stuff.

Nothing beats a blue moon in a nice frosty mug, with an orange slice on a hot summer day.

Enjoy and be festive, but be careful tonight. They don't call it rookie night for nothing.
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Lora said...

try it as a mimosa, blue moon (or allagash white if you're a snob like me) and OJ is the breakfast of champions!

Morgan the Muse said...

good thing for me, I do not drink. :)
Happy New Year!

kennhyn said...

glad that u find the taste of beer...let's cheers!!!

HairDizzer said...

Blue Moon is definitely my favorite. Shock Top is similar and just as yummy. :-)

In the fall, you should try Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale. I could drink it all year, but I pretty sure it's only seasonal. It's like pumpkin pie and yummy beer in a bottle hehe. Keep it in mind this fall!