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Friday, September 26, 2008

Summer lovin had me a blast...

When do you know when summer is over? For me it has nothing to do with the temp or heat index.. If it is dark when I drive to work, then summer is over, period. Oh its 90 out today, so what it was dark this morning. You could still go swimming, so what it was dark out this morning. You are wearing a t-shirt walking around outside, you have flip flops on, your wearing shorts, you are planning a picnic, oh your going to the shore, outside playing frisby, tee time, flowers still blooming -- well, it was effing dark when I drove to work, its not dark early ams in the summer, summer is over... Get the heavy coats, rain slickers, duck boots, moon boots... Hahah it is practically snowing already... A bit extreme I know, but just last week, it was bright out, I swear. And to top it off, hallmark has X-mas stuff out.. No more fall people we just skip it.

If one more person says TGIF I am going to tito santana chop them to the throat- I work saturdays bitches!

700,000,000,000 um that's a lot of zeros.

Is it bad that I can smell my breath when I take a sip of my water, ewww nasty?

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