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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Football, the eagles, sundays, dip

Football season officially starts tomorrow. Ok, yes I know that two teams played the other night. To be straight forward nobody cares about those teams. The iggs get started tomorrow without a starting wide reciever, who cares! Get the chips (the scoopy ones), and get that buffalo chix dip ready. The eagles will win, we all know that already.* its time to break out the lucky mugs, the jersey, and get it on. Opps I forgot something** I wonder what time ppl will show up at me casa. Somehow ppl just show up when the birds play. We love it this way, what good is yelling and acreaming at the tv withou friends and family there to see? Who would I gloat to when I yell ' THAT IS HOLDING, CALL THE FREAKIN HOLD , ' and the ref actually calls it. THROW IT TO WESTBROOK!!! I am right on that one 70% of the time, ugh. I need someone to high five, I need someone to console me when I place my head in my hands. Holy cow, I need to get more iggs gear for my daughter. I am slacking lately. We are going to the cuse nxt week to see psu vs syracuse at the dome (very exciting). I need some psu gear for captain destruct-o. Well, here we go again-- superbowl this year!! Oh, and please cheer on the mighty apollo fantasy team, they start this weekend as well.

*they will go undefeated.
** I haven't put up my flag yet.
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