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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


New to the blog world, I have no idea about the rules and regs. I came upon two blogs that have gone private in the past two months, due to ppl finding out about the blogs that shouldn't know about them. Then I leraned that ppl should de-lurk from time to time. where are the blogiquette rules? Do you need to leave comments? Do I need to reply to comments? (I have one, from my brother). I read the blogs that I follow at work, on a computer that I can't use to leave comments. I blog from my phone, but honestly it is tough to read blogs all day on a tiny screen. Also, any typos or run on sentences, basically any grammer or punctuation or spelling mistakes certainly are not mine-- its the small keys and no proof reading (sorry bout that, working on it). I only log on at home once in a blue moon* so, basically I think I need to start leaving some comments on other pages, I have lots to say** this community is great to be a part of, and I hope to bring some ppl into this with me. Well, not much else to say today- except we had some seat changes here at wk and coffee lady is really close, almost too close. Its going to get fun. I am not going to mention the eagles loss last night, yet I did stay awake for the ENTIRE game!!! You should be so proud.

* my new fav beer.
** guess you don't start a blog if you have nothing to say.
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Coconut Brady said...

If you figure out the blogiquette, let me know too! :)