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Monday, September 8, 2008

Football sunday, wine, beer, being 35

I found myself yesterday watching the game with a glass of wine, heatly chips (sort of) and some hommus. I look to my right. my wife daughter were both napping nxt to me, my left a big glass of ice water. How times have changed!! Seems like just yesterday I would have been throwing down some beers, eating chips by the handful, hot wings, spilling stuff everywhere, screaming at the tv, and high fiving ppl followed by a great chest bump for touchdowns. Well, at least the tv is much bigger now and in high def. I do the fist pump, as to not wake the fam. Usually we still have a house full of ppl, yet yesterday was a nice change of pace. The wine was good and the game better. Oh, I also had some freah cut up veggies with some ranch dressing. All together now...awwww. Pj is all growed up. Go iggs.

You ask about the roof? We are G to G baby. No water dripping on the window, so for now I am mr. Fixit, until I have to fix something else.

Coffee lady was a no go today. I was running a bit late for work and didn't make the work sludge.
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