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Monday, September 29, 2008

Clothing choices, state store, fashion

I had an entire post to write about a trip to the state store (wine store), and something that I saw. Then over the course of the weekend I literally stumbled over another thing to write about.. Thought I should mention the eagles, but won't.. Ok so I am not writting very coherently right now, because my head is pounding. Either I had too much caffeine, too little caffeine, or just not enough water... Man I have lots to talk about today and it is just not coming out correctly... Here we go.........

At the wine store to pick up a bottle for a little house party we were going to be attending. I grab some wine, head to check out, and I don't get carded. Now I am 35, and I was rocking a nice beard at the time, but seriously the sign says you will be carded if you don't look over 35, ugh. Also, the guy working the check out line was wearing a calculator watch circa '88 it was banging and I want one.
Wonder if he has internet on that thing?

The weekend was long and on sunday we were out in the rain making our costco run.. Long and short of it my pants were soaked. After unloading everything I decide to change into some shorts, and what you see in the above picture. Black socks and black sandles! Nice!! Now the theory is, if black on black then maybe ppl won't notice that I am wearing socks and sandles (which even I know shouldn't be done) now I really don't care about the socks and sandles rule. I rock it all the time, yet something just didn't feel right. Why would I be wearing black boots with shorts? Hahaha. In a bit I decided to take the dog for a quick walk and all wifey said was ...... ' Seriously, ' well that was all I needed to hear...

One last thing: uncle G was thru on sunday as well... His iphone is awesome. Now don't get me wrong I am a BB person and love love love my BB, but that iphone is one sexy piece of machinery. Yes I called his phone sexy. Let's hope the BB thunder or whatever it is going to be called is better. I would hate to have to switch cell phone plans just to get an iphone, but that thing is sexy.

Ps: it is hilarious to see a 16 month old beans try to figure out video phone. Nice to see you CA, come home soon.

Pss: my head is still pounding, might have to do with the eagles.

Psss: go phillies...
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