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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Doing it, ladies club, kiddies

I take a day of during the week, hence I am cube bound on saturdays. On that day off I take the beans to gym class. I am the only person in that class that has an adult swt of nads!! Being the only grown up male in the room I am pretty much minding my ps and qs. I don't want to be that dad that does stupid dad things... And I always make sure the beans hair is done and she looks extra cute. Now on the other hand, some of these ladies come in pretty slubby. I mean come on its 10:20am get in the game. Dress appropriate, I know your boobs are bigger now with a young one, but honestly put the rack away (seriously, what guy says that) its not da club. And one last thing, make sure you kid has some socks on! Its really not that hard to put socks on your kid. I find it pretty disgusting that your kids toe jam is all over the place... And ladies when you walk around in your socks and you leave sweaty footprints on the floor, its time to change your socks... Bring two pair if you have to, make it happen! And no I don't know all of the songs that you sing, and yes I sing the loudest without knowing the words, its just how I do....

I can't stand listening to coffee lady in the am. She is rude, and it is getting to the point that pj needs to let her know about it.

I think I have a caffeine problem.

Oh and my head is clogged today, I can't hear a word that anyone says... What? Huh? You talking to me?
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