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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Biking, running, sept

Now here is the situation (my parents went away on a weels vacation)* - anyway, I was a runner and I really enjoyed it, I still do. Except I have a few screws in each knee, hence each year I train for an easy ten miler, do it. Then I run for maybe another month till the pain gets to be too much. This year I stole a bike, ok borrowed from pop pop, either way I now bike instead of run. A few things I have learned from my big 6 bike riding expeditions... Don't bike the way you jog. Obviously, on foot you are a bit more agile and the sidewalks are more jogger friendly than biker friendly. Bunny hops and wheelies are for kids, not 35 year olds. Settle in the seat and stay there. Learn your hand signals, if not ppl (drivers) are less friendly to bikers. In sept it gets darker earlier. Get some reflectors, lights, or whatever. Be seen. If you see bikers with better bikes and outfits steer clear. Get biker shorts, your hiknee will hurt. Lastly, if you go riding after dinner you should probably lay off the vino. A few glasses of wine and biking do not mix very well. ** oh, and always protect your melon.

* fresh prince, parents just don't understand
** only two glasses, but it was interesting
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