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Friday, September 5, 2008

Mornings, am, g-d, coffee, 5am

Aaaaaand we r off!!! My commute to work is usually about 20 - 30 minutes, not bad. I travel on two roads, one turn, easy breezy fo sho! Anywho, I am about to make my left and I see the sun. Rising and looking wonderful. I mean what great artwork right there in front of me. I am not going to get into religion, but every once in awhile I think everyone has to thank g-d (not sure why ppl do that but I don't want to offend, yet I am sure it offends someone by doing it, ugh)... So, hey god, good job with the sunrise this morning it looked great, and I really appreciate it. Also, the bunny in the yard was really cute.* keep up the good work, we all notice!

On another note: when I get to work, I put on a pot of coffee. I do this just about every morning. almost daily one lady walks in and asks me if it is decaf and what kind it is. Ok, so we have two types of coffee, reg and decaf that's it. So don't ask me the same thing twice in one sentence, before I can even answer. I make the regular, and she makes the decaf. That's just how it works at least for the past few weeks, when I haven't made the good coffee at home. Today she says ' what do we have today?'. Before she could get any further I simply stated its the same as yesterday and the day before and will probably be the same tomorrow. Then I proceed to show her the canister marked decaf and the one marked regular that now has some precious joe brewing into it... Simple enough. What I wanted to say-- look moron we can do this stupid little dance everyday if you want, but let's face it I make regular coffee that goes in the regular pot. You make decaf that goes in the decaf pot. Its really not that fucking hard, and don't ever talk to me again until I have my coffee. Got it clownface?**

On a side side note. Just in case someone is reading this that actually knows me (or reading this at all). I ' fixed ' the roof the other day. My buddy D who is very handy brought a ladder up a few weeks ago and showed me what to do. Now I am not very handy, at all. I repeat I am not very handy AT ALL (caps mean serious) I finally got it done the other day, and its first test will be downpours and wind up to 40-50mph. Sweet. Can't I get a little drizzle first, so that for once I can brag about what a great job I did. Nope, downpours and 50!!

*cute till the mighty saw it. then it ran for its life.
** my buddy called me clownface the other day. It cracked me up, so I had to work it in. And no I do not look like a clown.
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