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Monday, March 2, 2009

Driving is fun - SIKE

Nothing like the last snow storm of the year to make driving to work fun. Luckily school is closed, so I have wifeys suv. I think my car would have made it to work ok not so sure about the way home as it is supposed to snow all flipping day. We already have 4 or 5 inches, off to a good start. I am hoping they close work early, but who knows as this is still my first few months. I know next year I will be working from home on a day like today. Just got a text from a friend in syracuse:

i can see all the grass in my whole back yard...and u cant with all that snow from this storm! the end of the world must be near!

Seriously, the cuse gets way to much snow for humans!

Just to show what a great driver I am I will cut this short today. Safety first!
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Jess said...

Safety first, I like that!

I am so so so ready for winter to be over. Have I mentioned that already? I'd like to think that will be the last big snowfall but I just have a feeling we'll be getting one more before March is over. Hope you get to go home early!

Sarcastically Bitter said...

Gotta love the last big snow dump of the year! Drive carefully!

Emma said...

Stay safe and warm pj and no blog-driving! K?

Fluffycat said...

What is that white stuff? It looks like it would make it hard to drive.

(Yay for California!)