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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Let's talk about style for a hot second. What the heck is with the kids/younger people driving really shitty cars with expensive rims? Has the time come that folks check out the rims before the cars? Why don't they just spend that extra money to fix up the car a bit? Sure I drive an 87 celica, but I am rolling with 20s on that bad boy. What's the point? $2000 rims on a $5000 car just does not make sense to me. I guess the rims raise your status to baller (haha, straight ballin). I would think you get the rims to be noticed, but don't people notice the car as well? Now if you want to put in a trunk of funk in a 94 plymouth sundance that is one thing. Nothing wrong with having some extra bass, and a crisp clean sound. Blairing some country or some PE you just have to keep it real. All I am saying is if you are attempting to make your car look better, get some new paint!

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