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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cookies for dinner

The beans favorite place to go for dinner is the diner. No matter how you say out to dinner, if the words dinner, eat, and out are together are in an sentences the beans yells 'diner YEAH.'. We go to the diner about once a week or so, and are working on making it once every other week, as everyone there knows our name. We have a both we like to sit in, and the beans loves to look at the pies, and run around and say hi to everyone. Each time we are there the waitresses offer cookies to the beans. Nice. Um not really. The really don't understand that we don't give the beans cookies and candy and that sort of thing. French fries with her dinner is a great treat. Before you get all, aww beans that's sad, just know that I am allergic to chocolate and red food dye. Those two are in just about every dessert that you can imagine. The red dye that was really bad for me is off the market now, yet I have some reactions to certain things. My point is we give her limited things that I am allergic to and track her reactions. I want to know what chocolate is in that cookie. I usually nix the cookie when offered and say thank you. I am very polite and nice as to not hurt any feelings. It really gets under my skin when people offer the beans food, she is two (almost) and will say yes to cookies each time you ask even if she does not like them. I would really just appreciate it if folks would say hey mom and dad can she have a cookie. Common sense people. I understand it is a wonderful thing that they offer and even better that they don't charge us for it. It is just much easier to turn it down verbally than to take it away once she has it.
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Jess said...

That is common sense to me, for sure. The problem is...a lot of people don't possess this so-called common sense. That's tough, though. Because then if she says yes after being offered one and you say no...I can just imagine how that would go down. Allergic to chocolate?! That makes me want to cry for you.

Side note: I so did not post a picture of a grain elevator on my blog. I read your comment and I was thinking, "grain elevator? what is he talking about?" and then I realized that I had called it such. I'm going to find a picture of a real one for you!

Sarcastically Bitter said...

I agree, some common-sense would be nice. Ask before giving.

Allergic to chocolate? Wow that is alot of desserts. I had a friend allergic to red food dye. He had to avoid alot of things.