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Monday, March 16, 2009

Thankfully figured it out...

Last night I saw the Nora and Nick movie. I am a sucker for all of those teen drama movies. All of em. As I was watching it I thought for a second how I wish I was a bit more like Nick and little less like the drunk idiot. I think it took me until after college and even a few years after that to figure out that alcohol really doesn't make things more fun. I really enjoy a glass of wine now a days, really enjoy. I think that my priorities have come around, and I am able to put things in a priority order a little better now. Through high school and most of college I figured that getting drunk and doing drunk things was what I was supposed to do. Sure I had fun, I think. Yet, I also think that I could have had as much fun if not more, drinking less. I am the grandson of two alcoholic granddads, and I know my parents were a litte worried about me. Fast forward a few years and I am the one who never goes out. I am a homebody. When we go out it is as a family or once in awhile a date night. I know that my time with a young family is limited, and I just don't want to ever say that I wish I spent more time with the family. The beans changes from day to day, an I work enough that I miss a good deal. I certainly don't want to miss any moments, so I can go out and have a few drinks with my boys, we did that already.
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Jess said...

I am same as you - I like having a glass of wine or a cocktail now and again, but I've moved past my need to drink to have a good time. Isn't it better when you actually remember your fun moments?