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Monday, March 23, 2009


Nothing better than having a big breakfast with two cups of coffee, and having to sit at the DMV for an hour or two. I think they just called number 50, I am 66, time to buckle down and make myself comfy. Scanning the room I can't help to notice that I am a few miles deeper into the burbs. Country music is pumping from the speakers behind the counter, some people are missing teeth and nascar is the theme of the baseball hats. Some 16 year old girl looks like she is getting her first drivers liscense, awww. I just realized that as of Tuesday 16 is officially, 20 years ago - holy cow. Time flies! I really can't believe it, 20 years ago I was the youngin getting my picture taken for the first time. Hmm. Before I know it I will be bringing the beans in to get her picture taken. That is how quick the time goes, like two shakes of a lambs tale. I see a guy reading the newspaper, wow, the actual newspaper, amazing. The beans will probably never know what a newspaper is, I am sitting here all over the interwebs and he is reading a newspaper, ha. Can you imagine we used to have to actually talk to people we didn't know, the horror. I have updated my FB status, commented on a few and found out what the deal is with March madness why would I need to talk to anyone. As I said that a young boy yelled ' hi ' to me. Nothing like kids to spice it up. ....... Ok just had a quick elmo convo and now he is bored of me, oh the antics of the DMV. Standing room only now! ... Printer jam, this could be awhile. I think I am the only one who sees the humor in this, I am looking at an emergency exit plan on the wall in front of me which has arrows explaining what to do. This place is big enough so that wherever you are you can see the door, all the emergency plan should say is look at the door and run for it. The little boy next to me is saying hi to everyone and only some people say hi back, WTH is that? What kind of D-bag doesn't say hi to a little kid? I am one away - BANG. I am almost positive that everyone before me, as I am, is an organ donor! That is good stuff people good stuff. My Saturdays sure are crazy!
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Sarcastically Bitter said...

Thank god for BlackBerry's! Happy Birthday tomorrow.

Emma said...

Your reaction to the guy reading the newspaper made me laugh a lot! Brilliant post!

Jess said...

I felt like I was at the DMV with you. Hilarious!