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Monday, March 30, 2009

The jerk and the beans

Not sure if you have ever seen ' The Jerk ' staring Steve Martin, yet one part of that movie reminds me of the beans and I get the biggest laugh. At one point in the movie Steve is getting kicked out of his mansion by his wife and he exclams that he doesn't need anything to take with him.... Except for his dog, oh and this paddle ball game, ooh wait and this lamp etc...

Each morning the beans goes to nana and pop pops, and each morning the list goes on. Grover? Ernie? Milk? Take with? Eggs? Two? Kitties? She is starting to put two and three words together, Bird take pop-pop? Apollo come with? Not exactly easy to get out the door with all that stuff on a Monday am.

We also had our first emergency room experience, which wasn't really an emergency room visit for her as much as it was for us. Nurse maids elbow. We all as parents know that you don't swing your kids or any kids for that matter by their arms/wrists/hands. Well, mommy was on one side and a friend on the other and somehow the beans slipped out of my friends grip. She fussed for a second and then no big deal. An hour or so past and she said that her hand hurt and she wasn't really moving it. The beans never complains, and is not a winey kid so we figured aomething was wrong. Off we went to get it checked out, and everything was fine. Done deal. Then in the morning the beans just kept saying that her hand hurt, and wouldn't move her arm. Wifey and I just figured to be those parents that are too cautious then the parents who are not cautious enough. Plus what else are we doing on a Sunday am? We actually went to breakfast first. Why go to the emergency room on a empty stomach? All is well this morning and she had full range of motion and no pain. Back to being captain destruct-o.
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Jen - The Secret Keeper said...

This used to be me! I've relaxed somewhat on the daily packing issues of life though. Now as long as I'm dressed and have my keys and phone I just leave the house!

Hope the emergency room gave Beans some stickers....and possibly a lolly!! It was almost worth breaking a bone or 2 for when I was younger! hehe x

Sarcastically Bitter said...

Hope you didn't have to wait in the ER long. Those waits are enough to kill anyone. Good to hear that Beans is okay after all of that.

Beanie said...

Better safe than sorry!!

I'm concerned that when we do pop out a kid or two, I'll BE that parent you talked about.

I'm certain I've sent my vet to Hawaii, multiple times.

Oy vey.