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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hate hate hate, well dislike

Stopping to get gas is pretty much the worst. Especially when it is a bit chilly, with a little drizzle in the air. Nothing better than pumping gas and writing away on a blog when your ear is about to freeze off. By freezing I mean it is 44 degrees at 7am. Spring is here and I am happy. I know how well chairpants is going to sell, hence I have a new business idea. I want to make gas stations more like beer vendors at sporting events. I will have a big truck, not a tanker, just a really big pickup truck with tanks on the back. I will drive around and fill people up when they are stuck in traffic or at a long light. I could hang out at the supermarket or the mall parking lots - GOT YOUR GAS RIGHT HERE FOLKS FILL UP WHILE YOUR SHOPPING - bang, I would sell gas like crazy, and of course charge a premium for the service. Hmmm, I could do it nascar style at fast food drive thrus, not to stereotype but if you are eating fastfood you are way too lazy to pump your own gas. Just think you can say you knew me when.
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Jess said...

Did you miss your calling? Maybe you should be an inventor instead of a salesman? Hmmm...I wonder how one gets into the inventing business, anyway? You do realize I'm actually stealing all your ideas and making them my own, right?

(Just kidding!)

Sarcastically Bitter said...

LOL You would sell alot of gas that way!

Bridget said...

Have you ever seen that episode of Always Sunny in Philadelphia when the gang tries to sell barrels of gas door to door? Possibly the best episode ever. CHECK IT.

joshlos said...


Because, seriously, screw standing at the pump.