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Friday, February 27, 2009

What is on...

Your desk? There is the corner of my little cube. A picture of the beans for some moitivation, she yells sell daddy sell, from time to time to keep my butt in gear. A picture of wifey so I can steal some quick glances at my babe throughout the day. Of course my tea, because I can't breath and my sinus pressure is building by the hour. I think my right eye is going to pop out of my head at any time. Other than some photos of the family and a few note pads that is all I got. Oh and some winter green lifesavers under my monitor, these are my personal addiction. I can't stop eating these things, I am out of control.

Nothing like having a head cold/sinus thingy going on. I forgot my glasses, and my wallut. I am just glad that I got the beans dropped off. She is starting to put her jackets on herself. We put it on the floor and she puts her arms in and flips it over her head and shazam good to go. This morning wifey had to be at school early. As beans and I were packing up I told her to find the jacket she wanted to wear and meet me at the front door. She showed up with the jacket on upside down, the hood was on her butt. She was all smilies and asked me to zipper it. I didn't want to tell her she did it wrong so I just let her know it is warm out so we don't need to zipper today. The second we walked into nana and pop pops they picked up on it, and said wow who put their jacket on themselves? Beans was all smiles and proud, good start to a Friday.
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Sarcastically Bitter said...

That's great that she got her jacket on by herself! Go Beans.

I love this photo. A person's desk can reveal a little about themselves. Beans is too cute.

Did you try Tylenol sinus stuff? The day and night stuff?

Jess said...

Oh my. Cutest thing ever. That just made my day. Beans is so cute!!

LBluca77 said...

She is so cute! My desk is a huge mess all the time, I have no organizational skills. I love winter green lifesavers too, i should buy some to bring to work.