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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sign guys

I am not sure where you guys all live. I know a bunch of my readers are not from the united states. I just need to point out that I live in a suburb of Philadelphia not to far from a pretty big shopping district. From time to time (almost every weekend) we have the sign guys who are on each corner, they stand there and hold signs for whatever store is having a giant sale or in the case of this weekend we have circut city going out of business. I took this picture as I was driving by to hit the mattress store for the beans big girl bed (more on that later). I see this guy holding the sign up, and he is wearing a john riggins (awesome football player from washington dc) throw back jersey. These jerseys were the rage about 6 years ago, and cost about $300 bucks. These guys bundle up and go outside and hold those signs, I see them with ipods, talking on their cell phones just chillin. They must be making some decent money to afford all that stuff. I think I am going to apply for some weekend work.

We bought the beans a twin bed, a big girl bed. She is almost two and certainly does not sleep well in her crib, so we are making a big deal and are getting everything ready for Friday night. She wanted purple sheets, so we got her purple sheets (and also sheets we like). It is gonna be big girl bed palooza on friday.

Ran two miles last night in the freezing cold, which certainly does not mesh well with the metal in my knees. I feel pretty good today and don't plan on running again till Fri nightish depending on how I feel. Broad Street run first weekend in may - 10 miles.
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Sarcastically Bitter said...

Wow! A big girl bed! Good luck on Friday!

Emma said...

Wow, well done in managing to motivate yourslef to go running in the freezing cold. Good work!

Jess said...

Awh, a big girl bed. Did it make you happy and sad, all at the same time?

There was a guy at my university that walked around campus all day carrying a sign. He didn't do it as a job, or anything...just for something to do. He always kind of bugged me because I thought he was looking for too much attention.

Fluffycat said...

We have those sign guys here too. And people advertising property and stuff. I guess some people are buying homes. You are right, they always have iPods on.

LBluca77 said...

We have those sign guys here in California too. Mostly for like renting apartments, buying a home and car washes. They can be a bit crazy those sign guys.