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Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am slowly turning into an avid Tae bo er. Well, a few posts back I received a comment saying that tae bo wanted to send me and wifey some t-shirts. Sure why the heck not, and believe me I am rocking that bad boy today. Most importantly I got this gem of an autographed picture and hung that shizzle right up on the fridge. He is pretty motivating and now he is staring at me when I get my oj in the morning.

This is going to be bad, but I saw this t-shirt during the oj simpson trial that said -

Drink apple juice cause oj will kill you.

Sorry about that, just whenever I see the word oj, I laugh.

Tonight was one of the nights were wifey had to go take a class, attend a seminar or some schooly type thing. Just the regular schedule of a teacher. Once again it was daddy and beans for night night, we had a great dinner at nana and pop pops then home for some books and a good nights sleep. We sat on the potty for a long time (potty training aint easy), then put our jammies on. After we read each book and I mean every book that she owns, we did some prayers and into the crib. This is where it gets tricky. Make sure she is holding hands with the correct stuffed animals, stroke her hair for a bit and hope her eyes shut. Then you have to get out of the room without waking her up. Usually that is a non issue as I know where the creeky floor boards are. Last night the process took about 40 minutes, due to my lack of knowlege of her room. I am certainly not adjusted to be standing in mommy's spot, its a longer walk to the door and uncharted territory for me as far as creeks. I would think she was out cold, make my move for the door, Daddy, snagged. I certainly don't mind going back to tell her I am still there and to stroke her hair a bit more. I would rather stand by her crib telling her that everything is going to be ok than watching something dumb on tv. I made it to the door a few times and even opened it twice before being urged back to her side. If I would have left she certainly would have fallen back asleep, and I would have been sitting on the sofa chillin. The moments I want to take advantage of and remember are the ones with my family not the tv.
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Jess said...

I know you'll look back at these moments when she's older and be so happy to have the memories. It's nice that you have them written down here!

Sarcastically Bitter said...

Awwww. That's sweet!

Laura said...

I am imagining you in Mission Impossible. I think you could rock the t-Shirt!

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