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Thursday, February 26, 2009


I think almost one out of every five cras that I see is new. I know the economy is the pits and I know my personal finances have taken a slap in the face. What I don't know is how I see audis, bmws, benzs, acuras, high end jeeps, pacificas every where. I am at the wawa getting gas right now and a quick span I see a benz 550, jeep loredo limited, a boxster, a new acura tl, of course we have a saturn, accord, pontiac g6 and even a gmc jimmy which are all nice cars too. I know prices have dropping, yet the loans are tougher to get. My lease is up in a few months I sure hope the prices keep dropping. As far as the economy it pretty much stinks.

I think tonight is the night to purchase the treadmill, well, tonight or tomorrow depending on when the beans would like to co-operate. I seem to have a bit of a head cold and let's hope it doesn't make the move to the flu. Today a little tea should get me thru, cross your fingers it doesn't get any worse. I hope some running and exerciese will allow me to sweat it out. Basically, I am expecting this treadmill to solve all of my problems. I sure hope it comes with the seeds to a money tree.

I also have a small confession: I love hootie and the blowfish.
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Sarcastically Bitter said...

Mmmm Boxster!

Tea with lemon and honey should help. That always helps when I have a cold.

Good luck with the treadmill purchase. If you get any money tree seeds, send one to me?

Jess said...

Here's to hoping you don't get too sick. I finally succumbed to the flu today and didn't go to the gym or work. I shouldn't complain about not being at work...but being sick sucks.
Have fun with the treadmill purchase! Those things are great!!