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Monday, February 9, 2009

Broad Street Run

Is a mere 3 months away. Time to lace em up and get one foot in front of the other. I haven't done much in the way of training yet cause its cold out and I am kind of a sissy. I hate being cold, and the cold does not react well to the metal in my knees. Last year around this time I got hyalgon shots in each knee ( a gel shot for cusion, 3 shots each knee). This year the plan is to hold off as long as possible, or buy a treadmill and hope that is easier on the wheels. I should probable lose 15 ish lbs as well, which should be pretty easy if I focus on my diet, and some tae bo. It is always easiest when you have a deadline, without goals and deadlines I certainly would be pretty lazy. 10 miles was a heck of a lot easier 10 years ago. Sure I drank a lot back then, yet that was pre two knee surgeries and I was working out daily and playing basketball a few times per week. 10 miles downhill, pssst I just went down and did it. Now, I am stressing 3 months prep time. It takes a lot longer to ramp up to the 10 miles. Low impact cardio is the ticket now a days. Wish me luck, training starts today.
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Emmie said...

oh my you havent trained much? Get yourself training haha! Im sure your lesure center will have a gym with cheap membership for working out on these cold days!

Love the trainers too! x