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Monday, February 16, 2009

A quick letter...

Dear little Griff Dog,

I happened to have opened the beans valentines day card the other day, and I was not happy. A note at the bottom says not to tell your dad about us. Grif, you are almost twice her age. You don't have anything in common. You live three hours away. Most importantly you have no job, no serious elementary or even high school education. You don't drive, or own anything no property, no house no nothing. I have this weird feeling that maybe your dad put you up to this, heck maybe he even wrote this note. Just keep in mind young sir that you will be spending the night at pjs on thursday and I will be watching you. Watching you like a hawk does its prey. Understand griff that if you step out of line just once that pj will be there to drop the hammer. Your only 3 you say, well then you should know better. You are old enough to understand that your actions will have consequences, and if you haven't learned that yet, no time like the present. Also, let your dad know I am watching his punk a*# as well.

See you on thursday.


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Jess said...

Oh man, this is too cute!!

Sarcastically Bitter said...


Laura said...

Be afraid Grif. Be very AFRAID!