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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well, I sppose that my awkward Tuesdays are behind me, or at least me blogging on tuesdays about awknardness. I might get lucky and get it right on a Tues, but I can't get it together to link to Tova each monday night and she set up some cool linky thing on her site, yet I can't see that on my phone. So here I am blogging about not blogging about being totally awkward on Tuesdays.

Update on wifey's car. Pop pop somehow got it started, and drove it to the mechanics who now thing that nothing is wrong. Well, it wouldn't start this morning for me (I am certainly not able to fix anything) or her. Who the heck knows. I just know that if nothing is wrong than it won't cost anything to fix it.

Quick question; what do you guys think of tattoos?

We are into Feb and I have no idea where the heck the time goes. Valentines day right around the corner. It used to be so easy hit tiffany's grab a little something something and I was good to go. Now, not so easy. I have to get creative and we usually set limits on money to be spent. This year maybe $10 bucks. I think I will go get some noodles and glue and make some great artwork, or a little heart bear. as a guy, valentines day is kinda BS. Just some made up holiday. When your dating its great that you can brag to your friends that you went this place or that place or got this and that. When your married for a few years and the money is no longer hers and his, its now ours. Spending that chunk of change just doesn't seem the right thing to do.
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Lora said...

I love tattoos and want more, but I'm trying to stop at what I've got.

Sarcastically Bitter said...

I love little tattoos that can be hidden. It's neat to find them! I would like a tattoo, but being scared of needles probably wouldn't help.

Jess said...

Agreed with you re: Valentine's Day..just a dumb, dumb holiday.
And I love tattoos! I have one and I want to get another one (or two). Are you thinking of getting one/do you have one?

Fluffycat said...

I'm trying to think of cheap Valentine's Day things, but that's hard. My ex and I used to buy each other a joint gift, like something for the house. And you can't go wrong with flowers.

HairDizzer said...

Ok so this might sound kind of lame to promote myself here... but I do a lot of paintings and I'd be happy to whip something up for ya to give to wifey for valentines day. Take a look at my site with all my artwork, to give you an idea of some of my styles of painting... and keep in mind that I can do small cute-sie canvases too, if you're wanting to keep it small. I can make some special if you have an idea in mind of what you'd like, or we can talk about some ideas together. I love working with clients together on ideas!

let me know if you're interested! :-)