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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I know that you guys worry about me and my blogging style. From the car sitting in traffic. Tonight (last night) on my way home I hit a good deal of traffic and those pesky red lights on the backs of cars. I guess it is due to this storm coming tonight, everyone has to get their milk and eggs. So I have blogging time. Just to show you how safe I am I snapped this picture to show the distance between my car and the car in front of me when I snap photos. I haven't done this much lately, yet will pick it up again. Safe and sound. I really do need to upgrade my phone though, so I have more blogging power. Does anyone know how I can update my layout and not lose my analytics? Sorry for the choppy post, yet my brain is going faster than my thumbs are pushing the little buttons on this qwerty (see my first post ever) keyboard. (See if I had a better phone I could have made that a link). I noticed I have 5 followers now, very very exciting! I will have to actually log onto a computer to see that 5th person, and send them a thank you e mail. Oh yeah, and this storm is gonna be about 3 inches of snow, really no big deal, yet I hope wifey has off from school and can stay home and play with the beans. She will go bonkers if it snows and just yell FLOP FLOP FLOP until we bundle her up and she can fall down in the snow. She calls this flopping and loves it almost as much as the slide at any park.

On a side note: Iit drives me nuts when I see vars parked with their windshield wipers up. You still have to clean them off!

The drive to work today is fun! Snow and ice make everything nice. At least wifey got the day off from school.

I am really attempting to like the taylor swift cd, it is just not happening. Sophmore jinx I guess.

How come we don't all drive landspeeders (yes as in star wars) by now? Or hovercrafts?

How come only young kids and old people like mcdonalds - guess the little ones go for the clowns and the old ones go for the cheap coffee and the clowns.

Happy hump day!
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Jest said...

There were so many thoughts in this post! It made me laugh.
It's funny that you said that about McDonald's because it is so, so true. I can't even remember the last time I ate there, though sometimes I get a serious craving for a quarter pounder. I never give in though...never seems worth it.
I'm glad you're a safe driver/blogger. That is quite the distance between you and the next car - I feel better now :)

Sarcastically Bitter said...

I agree with Jest. I feel better now that I see the distance between you and the car in front of you.

I like Mc Donald's. Especially when hungover.

Moi said...

it cracks me up that you are blogging from the road! Be careful on the ice!

Emma said...

Wow, I think this is the first blog post I've read that has been written from the road!

Good work!

Thank you for including that photo though, just for our piece of mind :-)

brookem said...

the roads today here were nutso.

i "follow" you. but i dont really know what that means... you're in my reader, does that count?