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Friday, January 30, 2009

Early am photo

Happy friday!!! It sure seems to be getting brighter out a bit earlier, and I for one love it. I can feel spring in the air. I am pretty sure we are supposed to hit 40 degrees this weekend so hopefully some of this snow will melt.

Most of you know that I am in sales and have been in sales most of my life. As of right now I have zero sales for the month of Jan. Whooooa that sucks big time. Ok, so I am pretty new at the company, yet I figured I would get a sale per month. Ouch.

Another traffic observance: I drive alone. I have a small car. Why the hell do all of these people have these hugh suvs? Oh wait wifey has an suv.

Just a quick update on my niece. She is doing wonderful! I still can't believe that she was born 3 months early at 1 pound. My bro has nicknamed her Izzy. Right now she is a hair over two and a half pounds and they say she might be able to come home late Feb or early March. It is a friggin miracle. I wish I could go see her more, yet during the week if I go to the hospital than I literally would only see the beans for an hour or so in the am, and that would break my heart too often. That leaves the weekends, and if wifey, beans or I have a hint of a sniffle or cold or even a hint of a hint we stay the heck away. I say a few prayers a day for her, and deep down know she is being taken care of wonderfully.

That's that happy friday.
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Nikki. said...

born with a weight of 1 pound :O. I pray that Allah gets her running soon :)

Jess said...

So happy about your niece. I can't believe how tiny she was!!

Have a good weekend. (And good luck with your sales in the new month! I know you'll be ok!)

Rachel said...

That's about as many sales as I've had my whole life. I've tried working in sales twice, and quit shortly after. I just can't be convincing.

I LOVE the name Izzy.

Anonymous said...

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