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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Ok this facebook thing is getting a bit out of control. I got a friend request from my nana, the beans great grandmother. This either means that my nana is the coolest nana on the planet or I am just not up to date on what is out there. When nana gets a phone that's better than mine and starts blogging than I will know she is way cooler than I am. I still don't think she knows about file sharing, so I might be a little ahead still.

On a side note a few bean updates:

Wifey taught the beans my first name, great.
She also taught her the word hoe. It is actually pretty funny. Wifey says, buckets shovels rakes and the beans says HOES. A big mention must go out to uncle CL who taught my wife the saying. She also says, beans rocks the potty, or more to the point when you sing who rocks the potty she says beans. That precious tid bit was taught by aunt CA.

Other than that I really have nothing for the day. This rain and ice in Philly is not making my morning drive very fun or bloggable.
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Emma said...

Lol, qutie a few of my university friends' parents have joined facebook so they can keep tabs on how much drinking and how little time they are working!

I'm thinking your nana is the coolest nana on the planet...she's the first I've heard of on facebook...maybe you should get her to start a "Nana's who are on Facebook" group...just to see if there are others out there!

Jest said...

That's pretty cute about your Nana. Agreed with Emma, she sounds like a pretty cool lady!
Ha, love the stories about Beans. She sounds like quite a sweetheart!

LBluca77 said...

Go Nana!!!!

The entire world has gone facebook.