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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Its also 5:30am and we are only 5 deep in my bed!! Wifey, the two kitties, mighty apollo and myself. Beans slept the entire night in her crib! I know, I know. I hear you loud and clear she should be sleeping through the night at 19 months. Well, let me tell you. She has been having bad dreams ( I have heard them called night terrors, but that scares the jumping jack flash out of me). It is the most heartbreaking noise I have ever heard when I hear the beans saying no, no, no, noooo in her sleep. So yes, mommy and daddy have been pulling her into our room to sleep in the big bed where she dominates. She runs that bad boy and sleeps how she chooses and certainly the animals do the same. That means mommy and daddy have the outside edges all to themselves. We certainly know this is a very bad habit to start / be in, yet these bad dreams make me stay up at night. If you are a parent you certainly know that almost as scary as hearing your child say no no no in her sleep is to not hear anything at all. Wifey and I woke up this morning to her alarm going off, very unusual. We both rolled over to each other and said have you heard her? Should we go check? What the H E double hockey sticks is going on? After a minute or two we heard her rustle a bit. SHAZAM a lang a ding dong. What a glorious night. Then wifey tells me that she took the mighty out in the middle of the night (my job mostly if he wakes up) and that I didn't budge an inch. BANG! Big daddy slept the entire night. Glorious!
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Jest said...

Congratulations! This is quite an accomplishment. It sounds like you have a very hectic (and very loving) household.

HairDizzer said...

Hey pj! I answered your questions. Come see!

Sarcastically Bitter said...

Hi. I'm coming out of lurking to post! Your family sounds sweet. I think it's okay to let your daughter stay with you when she has nightmares. But I just draw on my own experience, as I don't have children.

When I was younger, my parents let me sleep in their bed when I had nightmares. I'd usually take up my dad's space and then he would end up in my bed. I grew out of it, but just to know that my parents were there to help, was a great comfort.