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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bif day in the USA

I certainly would love to write something very profound and astute about my new president. Yet I just can't get the words out. Maybe I am not educated enought to put the correct words in the correct places. Maybe I just can't get my thoughts together enough. All I know is that I watched hin today and listened to his speach and a tear came to my eye. I believe. We are moving in a new direction we needed change and iit is here.

I sat and watched the pride his children and wife showed on their faces. I felt the pride myself. Proud of our country and proud for him and his family. Now the hard work starts to turn this ship around.

I began to think to myself that I wonder if my family will ever feel that kind of pride for me. My only conclusion was that I will never be president, yet it sure does not take great accomplishments to feel pride. Being a good man day to day, a good husband, a good friend, a good family member - and a good member of society makes me proud. It was a good day for America. Now we have to string together 4 years of great days and who knows what after that.
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Jest said...

I'm so happy and excited for America.

Sarcastically Bitter said...

I also am happy for America. Hopefully this change will be beneficial for the whole world in the long run.