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Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday is the fun day.

2:12 pm mommom is over and playing with the beans, big D is sleeping on the sofa. Eagles game starts is 45 minutes and I am very excited. Figured I would have a beer to calm my nerves a bit. Wifey has the chicken chilli brewing. BANG just doesn't get much better. Just got the call from my dad who is coming over for the game. He is grabbing me a french vanilla capucino from wawa. This is it.

2:27pm Sorry for the play by play today. It's all I got though. And great news. The blackberry storm will be available this summer on t-mobile. Do you think wifey would like one?

3:03pm National Anthem, is done. I am a nervous wreck. Paw, as per beans. Granpa. Just got here, peach iced tea is ready, capucino by my side, same seats and some buffalo chix dip. Booyah!

3:25pm. Stress level pretty high. Eagles 3 cards 7.

7:13pm fast forward a few hours. I couldn't blog and watch the game. Eagles lost. Not good, yet I am over it already.

Happy Monday. It is a National Holiday here in the States, yet I am going to work and I also heard the trash trucks this morning. Martin Luther king day. I am pretty sure national holiday means that everyone should have off to honor MLk as the great man and leader he was, yet I think that idea was somehow lost on capitalist USA. National holidays are actually few and far between. Maybe if we all had more time to celebrate the days, we would all be much more productive at work. I also guess that with this shitty a@# economy we should be lucky to have jobs and be earning an income. Bitter sweet my friends. Happy MLK day!
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Sarcastically Bitter said...

A couple of my friends have the BlackBerry Storm. They like it, but they say it takes awhile to get used to (one had a BB curve prior to getting the storm).

Jest said...

Sounds like a good Sunday!
I'm surprised you're working on Martin Luther King Day. I always assumed it was a serious holiday in the states. It certainly should be.

LBluca77 said...

Sunday Fundays are the best. Relaxing, beers, sports. It does not get better.

I had to work today too. No fun. Oh well.