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Monday, January 12, 2009

Some Questions Answered

I got these questions from Emma @ ...Because I like waffles and blether....  Very good read, so get over there and get reading.  Also,  if you want some questions from me just leave a note with your e mail in the comments section and I will hook it up.  HERE GOES...

1) Have you ever made a decision in your life that, with hindsight, you wish you made differently?

This one is pretty easy.  I can pretty much chalk up my 5 years of college as something I would like to do differently.  I was a drunken mess.  Well, for 3 years at least.  I still managed to get good grades, yet I am certainly not proud of some of the things that went on at good old PSU.  Not only would I have not drank as much, yet maybe I would have studied a bit more.  Maybe even picked a career path.  I am very happy where I am right now, yet I can't help but to think how things would have been different if I wasn't such a big jackass.  I know this answer might come as a bit broad, but I certainly would have lived my life a bit different back then knowing what I know now.

2)If you had a magical power that allowed you to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I am rather time centric.  I won't go as far as saying OCD.  I just need to know what time everything is going to happen.  So, you are going to stop by at 4pm.   Thats great, but I just need more info, what time are you leaving?  How long do you think it will take to get here?  Are you planning on stopping anywhere?  I am pretty funny with it.  My parents said that when I was a youngster that I would never ask, are we there yet?  I would also ask what time are we going to get there?  And then I would just continue to ask what time it was every 5 minutes.  On top of that if we are late, you can forget about it.  I am at least 15 minutes early for everything.  Wifey is not so happy with my time issues from time to time.

3) Describe your perfect three course meal (by the way Emma, not a question).

Lets start with a banging salad.  All mixed greens, all colored peppers, celery, red onions, black olives the works.  Now the important thing is the salad has to be in a glass bowl to show the presentation of the colors in the salad.  

Main course would have to be a new york strip stake made to perfection by yours truly in my backyard on the grill.  I have taken years to perfect this steak, and the marinate.  Of course I will be having red wine as I grill the steak, and while I eat it.  My dinner table will be my back porch.  

Dessert would be hot apple pie.  DONE.

4)Has blogging taught you anything about yourself you didn't already know?

I have thought about this one for a day and a half now.  What it has taught me is that a lot of people out there have a lot of great things to say.  I always thought that I had some good ideas of things to write down, and never really thought about sharing it with anyone.  I read a few blogs and thought why not.  At that point I had a lot of spare time, at work, and now I have to squeeze bloggin in on my way to work.  I don't sit at the computer much to blog unless I have to make some links.  I think that I am very humbled by blogging.  I read what some bloggers have to say and think that my blog is coming up a bit weak.  Also, I think that blogging has brought me back to english 101.  A lot of bloggers are writing majors, and I don't think my techniques in writing are up to par.  I have also learned that more people are interested in what I have to say than I thought.

5) Do you have any unfulfilled ambitions?

I really don't think that I do.  I had some goals coming out of college that I was lucky enough to attain pretty quickly.  All of my ambitions now relate directly to my family.  I want to be a great father/husband/son/brother/brother in law/son in law/friend and person on a day to day basis.  I need to make X amount of money for my family to be comfortable, and right now I need to spend Y amount of time to make that money.  Hence, at some point I can hopefully use less Y to get more X.  I don't think I will stop being ambitious to gain more time.  I heard once that wealth is measured in time, how much free time do you have to do what YOU want.   

Thanks again Emma (go check it out),  these questions were very thought provoking and a great way to end the weekend.


Jest said...

I enjoyed your answer to number 4, because I agree there are some amazingly talented bloggers out there. I don't think you should exclude yourself from the list though. I always love reading your posts and hearing your thoughts!

Emma said...

"Describe your perfect three course meal (by the way Emma, not a question)" - Lol, that's me told!

And I echo Jest about your answer to question 4. There's something very real about your blogging style, and I like the fact that I read your posts and really feel like I'm getting a snapshot of someone else's thoughts.

HairDizzer said...

I want some questions! my email is

And, I definitely enjoy reading your posts, so I wouldnt even say you're not up to par with other bloggers. You're honest and open, and that's what I love about blogging. :-)

LegalMist said...

I like your answer to the last question.

It is incredibly freeing and yet also a little difficult, when you recognize that what you really need and want is not more money, but more time. Instead of always chasing "more, more," you slow down and enjoy the time you have.

The difficult part, for me, was that realization if I could make more per hour, I would work fewer hours and still make enough to get by. In a wierd sort of way, it provided me with more ambition than I might otherwise have had -- my favorite job ever was driving a bus, but I knew I would have to do something that pays much more money per hour than bus driving, so I could work fewer hours and still make the money I'd need to live reasonably happily.

So I went to law school. But then, with a job that requires more ambition and pays more money, comes more responsibility and time commitments. I can't just "call in sick" when I have a trial. Sick kids or not, I've got to be there. So then it kind of takes away some of that freedom I was seeking.

Can't wait to retire!

And re: #4, while I love a well-written, carefully crafted blog, some of my very favorite blogs are the ones in which the blogger really opens up and shares something of themselves, regardless of grammar and style. I also love blogs that make me laugh sometimes.

I just discovered your blog today, through the Totally Awkward Tuesday list over at Tova Darling's blog, and I am enjoying it a lot. Thanks for sharing your tales!