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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Easy come easy go

Back in the day...

I was that guy who spent and hour lifting weights.
That guy who would go out to dinner and a movie any night I wanted.
I would have a few beers, maybe even a shot or two.
I had two cars, one summer and one winter.
I would go to the islands for a week each summer, and vegas in the winter (for work, but still vegas).
I would wake up whenever I wanted, because I went to bed whenever I wanted.
I kept no actual food in my house just condiments.
I watched sports almost every night.
If my work clothes were dirty, I just went shopping.
I had hot meals with my mom and nana each sunday night.
I went out with the ' boys ' all the time.
I didn't drink coffee.
My only responsibilities were to work hard and make some coin, and take care of myself.

Now a days...

My curfew is about 7pm.
2 beers and I am drunk.
I have mommy and daddy food, beanie food, cat food, and dog food at the house.
I don't spend a dime without it being accounted for.
Working late is 6pm not 3am.
I get about 5 hours of sleep per night.
I haven't been to the gym in far too long.
My free time is non existant.
I talk about the potty all of the time.
I can change diapers, talk about pregnancy, sing bedtime songs, read books with gusto, and do a lot of sign language.

10 years certainly makes a big difference. Actually its been about 5 years for many of those differences. So next time you get asked where you will be in five years, give it some thought.

I have parked in the same spot since I started my new job. Same spot each day I have come in. Lately, a car has been parked in ' my ' spot. Must be that darn FBI messing with me.
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Emma said...

Gosh, it's funny how our priorities change as we're growing up isn't it? I'm 20 and already 2 beers and I'm drunk...what am I going to be like in 10 years time?!

Jest said...

2 beers...give me about 1.5 and I'm drunk.
It is funny how much our lives can change in a short period of time. It keeps things interesting.
I'm sorry to hear about your spot. We are creatures of habit, for sure.