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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

.my 5, guilty pleasures

Hey PJ from - also known as it is what it is, sometimes! If you are there then go check out here ... post today at both places cause I am lazy!

My 5 guilty pleasures. I know the first few should be my wife and child, yet I am going to leave them off the list, because they are a given.

1. My blackberry. Seriously, with out it I would not have a blog. I wouldn't check the weather 30 times per day. FB status checks happen at least once per hour. Reading blogs is also a blackberry thing, it is a tiny screen yet it works. I am feening for an iphone as TSK can attest to, yet my blackberry is still the truth.

2. Tea. I love me some tea. We have a teavana store not too far from our house and a tea steeper. Ok, so my guilty pleasure is that pop pop makes me tea each morning that is ready for me when I drop the beans off. I have tea each morning, all different flavors, that I don't have to make myself, Haha GUILTY!!

3. Peeps!!!! I love me some peeps. You know the marshmellos that are covered with sugar. Bunnie peeps, ghost peeps, santa peeps, I don't care I love em all. Although lately I have been able to curb my peep pleasure, I have been known to wack a box of peeps on the DL (down low)..

4. I would have to say The Hills. Can't believe I just put it out there like that, but my wife will watch the show and I won't get up and leave. They sucked me in. wifey DVRs the show and whenever she asks if she can watch it I hem and haw a bit and never leave the room. Haha, Desperate housewives, I get up and leave, The Hills I go get the wine.

5. Mariah. I love me some Matiah Carey. Maybe not the 2009 Mariah, yet 88 - 98 Mariah. Her remixes are pretty much a standard in PJs cd player. Me and Mariah go together like babies and pacifiers. I even have the glitter CD and think it is pretty good!

Along with number 5 I might as well list: new edition, bell biv devoe, vanilla ice, debbie gibson, balinda carlisle - I love all the cheesy 80s music - love it all. Mariah is still my number 1 and always will be.

This really should have been top 10 guilty pleasures.
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