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Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday Funday

I spent the better part of my morning on Sunday running down Broad Street in Philadelphia for 10 miles with 25 thousand of my closest friends. Not a bad way to start a day off. The first six miles were cake. The next two miles were ok, and the last two pretty much were not so good. I am in pretty good running shape, for a treadmill. The game gets a bit dofferent on the cement street, a little more wear and tear. Between the concrete, the cold weather, and hey let's throw in some rain, the last two miles were a bit of a mind game. My knees were pretty sore, the cold and dampness really does not work well with screws in each knee. I finished in about two hours which is my goal each year. 2 minutes behind a good friend and about 4 in front of rx7 and his wife. So close to people that you know and yet you probably have 1000 people between you. I think I sumed it up best once we were done and standing in the cold rain sweating, legs throbing - this sucks so bad that its almost funny. As for today, I feel pretty good. Quads are a little sore, yet that is about it, well, except for the nasty sore throat that one aquires while running in 40degree rainy weather for two hours. Good thing I don't need to talk for a living, oh wait I do. Let's hope for better weather next year, and I am sure my Syracuse connection will be down again. Big ups to them for toughing it out. Next year I am expecting 20 people and a big tailgate after, see you there.
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Jess said...

Congrats on the run! I think that's awesome. It's true - running on a treadmill and running on cement are two totally different things; but you managed to finish it (in a decent amount of time too!) Must feel happy that it's over though.

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Emmie said...

well done! sounds like a lot of hard work, you did well :)