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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Look into my calendar!

This is one of those stare at me till your eyes go crazy calendars that turns into another picture. They are pretty cool and all the rave at the local malls in the late 80s. You would see people just staring blankly at the pictures till they yelled out 'oh it is a sailboat', or ' holy cow there is a tiger'. I sure do wish it was still the 80s. Well, late 80s early 90s. Hairbands, vanilla ice, the first go round of NKOTB, Z-cavs, members only... Ok ok I will stop. I know all you crazy kids are jealous.

I am obviously very sleep deprived and have not slept for an 8 hour night for over 6 months. Ok, just one day, and that was because the beans had a little rash on her face and we gave her some benadryl. Save that one time, I am up at least once per night. I am slowly zombiafying. Yes you read that right, I am turning into a freaking zombie!
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Jess said...

I was never able to get those 3-d things. As people around me were shouting out, "Oh, it's a zombie!" (ha!) I was still staring at it blankly.

Hope your sleep and the Bean's rash both get the necessary attention they require!