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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hump day!

Well its hump day, hence I am over here as well -

Just talking about why I blog, nothing serious.

It is now, 7:50pm. I am sitting in the doctors office, and I had a 7pm appointment. Whiskey tango foxtrot!!! Ugh. I really don't understand how these knuckleheads get away with this. Seriously, you went to how many years of school and you can't effing figure out how to make a friggin schedule. Tell me you don't have any room to sneak me in, tell me you don't like my tie, but don't run an hour late. It makes you look bad, it makes your staff look bad, and certainly makes your computer program that is supposed to make this easy look bad. I have been at my job for 5 months and I have my schedule figured out, it is really not that hard, and it took me 5 years to graduate college with a BS. I would assume that his wife is gonna be pissed as he is running at least an hour late. I mean doesn't he want to put the kids to bed, I know I do, hence I made my appointment at 7pm not 8pm. I know he is just going to say ' sorry for the wait thanks for your understanding ' and I am going to take it like a man who just got slapped in the face and say no problem. What I really want to say is listen clownface, you suck at this, you might be a good doctor, but your time managment skills are effing pathetic. I missed putting my daughter to bed, because you can't figure out how long it takes to meet with people to meet with patients. This is your job numbnuts, your job, and that you have been doing for 10 plus years, over 10 years and still don't have it figured out.

Yeah, no problem in making me wait for over an hour, plus the 15 minutes I was early. Lesson learned. I am a race car in the red, and I have to say thank you to him, aint that some shit?

I did do two blog posts so I was a bit productive while I waited.

8:35 pm waiting for my perscription to be filled and the good doc gave me something I am allergic to, luckily the pharmicist caught it. Plan B, and I am waiting. Cold beer will help. If only I could pour it in my ears for my double ear infection, thank you broad street run.

Happy humpday!
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Adriana said...

I like how in our pediatrician's office there is a sign that says "Thanks for your patience so that we can give the same time and consideration to all of our patients that you would want given to you"

Hub's office is ALWAYS running an hour behind you can set your watch to it. Sometimes you have to reschedule to a completly different day. That is what you get when you go to see the OB. You wouldn't want your OB to say "sorry can't deliver your baby right now I have appointments to see". I sometimes wish they ccould say that about dinner. Oops it's 7pm I'm off cause the wife has dinner on the table. Someone else will deliver you just hang tight. LOL I usually call my OB's office and ask how far behind he is running so I don't have to rush in just to sit and wait. I know the staff pretty well though. Hope you feel better soon.

Emma said...

I thought my bf was the only person who used the word "hump day!". I literally just spent 1/2 an hour in a Drs waiting room - and I thought that was bad :-)