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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hard to work and a ?

It sure is tough to work the phones like a mad man when you can't talk. I lost my voice on el Broad Street Run O, I think I made 10 calls yesterday compared to a regular 60 to 80 call day. That is not a recipe for success. Today I am leaving msgs and speaking with people with my best bedtime and/or morning voice possible. Let's hope it works well, and strikes a nerve with some clients. I certainly take sympathy call backs!

On a side note - is it ok for guys to color their hair? Let's say that you are just a bit salt and peppery on the sides and a bit of grey on top. Just for men - does that make it any better if the box says its for guys? Is salt and pepper sexy? Do you just shave it down, cut it military style so no one knows? Is salt and pepper better than being bald?
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Sarcastically Bitter said...

Tea with lemon and honey might help the throat a little. Okay that's my cure for everything.

Yes, it's okay for guys to color their hair. As long as it's subtle. My friend's bf (they are both in their early 40's) colored his salt and pepper hair. But I thought it wasn't subtle. Bald is NOT better, in my opinion.

Lora said...

it's totally okay for guys to color hair

jen - tsk said...

I am so dumb! There was a TV ad with George Clooney yesterday and it referred to him as a "salt and pepper man"...I totally did not get it! Yes, I am dumb!

Dye, but don't go extreme - or shave it...but that really depends on your face shape!!

Jess said...

Hope you get your voice back!!

And, it's totally ok for guys to colour their hair, but I have to say - a little salt & pepper is generally sexy and sophisticated. Unless you're Steve Martin...but I'm thinking of Richard Gere and George Clooney.

LBluca77 said...

It is ok for guys to color their hair. Lots of men do. But salt and pepper works too. The George Clooney look works.

Emmie said...

I like grey hair much better then none by far :o)

hope your feeling better! x