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Friday, May 8, 2009


Well, the guy behind me is a psycho - lunatic- road raging fool, screaming, banging the steering wheel - and I am the A-hole in front of him blogging on my drive home. Oh wait, and the sun is out!!! I haven't seen her in a long long time. I miss the sun. It has been 9 days of rain and overcast here in Philly and that is not good at all. Hahaha the poor guy behind me has his head out of the window seeing what the holdup is - its 5:30pm bro, they don't call it rush hour for nothing, he is doing the swerve out left swerve out right to look ahead, to no avail. He is probably late for his job at the mall or late for his home cooked meal at home.

Five O - coppers - the fuzz - the PO PO

Ok, off to dinner with a friend to have a life changing conversation, when the po po get me. I mgiht have pulled out of my development and made a right and crossed the double yellow line, and cut thru a turning lane to get to my turning lane to make a left. You got that? Good. So literally 30 seconds from my house and late for dinner already. Aaaaaannnd, she gave me a warning !!!!! Yaaaaah. She came up and asked the trick question: Do you know why I pulled you over? Yes maam sure do. A warning later and I was off to dinner. That 220 dollar ticket sure would have sucked. The topper of the whole thing is that I was listening to a little Bone Thugs when I saw the lights go on, ironic?

Happy Friday!
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Sarcastically Bitter said...

30 seconds from your house? That's annoying. Good thing you got out of the $220 ticket!

jen - tsk said...

Haha, do you really call them the Po-Po?? I was in the car with my mom last night and we saw a policewoman - I told mom to yell something abusive "because it would be funny". Well, my mom is a 5ft-nothing (ok, she's a little taller), petite, sweet looking blonde woman and was driving a fancy Mercedes...can you really see her yelling at the policewoman? So I did it instead - fortunately the window was closed hehe.

Emmie said...

haha pulled over hey you rebel you!