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Friday, May 1, 2009


It is only Tuesday evening and it is already getting fuzzy. I have office vision and office BUTT. Come on you know what I am talking about - when you sit and slouch then your back starts to hurt because your posture stinks. The other office butt is when you just work too friggin much and you eat like crap, with no time to work out, therefore your butt gets big. I hear the ladies talking about the OA, office A#*. I just wanted to clean it up a bit.

WED: Ok that was the other day before I remembered that I had to log onto my computer and bust out somel inks on this here blog. Next thing you know I will be posting awards and doing memes. Heck maybe even put my twitter account up here once I figure out how that thingy/system/website/twitterbuggy thing works.

So - it is Thur night- drive home from work. This is just how my week has been. Start a post on Tues and I can't finish it till Thur. You can blame pop pop for that he has been making me tea each am for the car ride in, and even I cant blog, drive, play with the radio, and drink tea something had to give. I have the beans swingset being delivered on Sat morning, communion party Sat afternoon, and the broad street 10 mile run on Sunday. Oh wait 14 yards of mulch being delivered on Friday as well, and the lawn needs to be mowed - I assume you are all coming to help, bring some VINO cause I am all out.

Happy Friday have a good weekend, stay busy!
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jen - tsk said...

"twitterbuggy thingy"...interesting! Is it not Jitterbug? A dance from your era? Hehe

Jess said...

Good luck on the run!! Happy Friday.

Sarcastically Bitter said...

Good luck on the run.