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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What I am doing..

You know what... I hate the fact that I am going to take money from unemployment. Yes yes I know I know, I have been paying into it since I started working, I have heard it all before... It just kind of hits me in the essence of my being, yet on the other hand I now have the ability to seek out what PJ wants to do. Make a difference, heck maybe even help some people... Hmmm, there is a novel idea, sell people something that they actually need! Provide a service that is useful, not just in it to make the coin. However find the kwon. For the people by the people.

I do have a few other things on my plate or shall I say up in the air at this time. Most importantly I need to get in touch with the gov't about the yellow flag system for all seniors who are still driving, and the young bucks on the road. I strongly feel that if you are over 60 or under 23 you should have a large yellow flag attached to your car so that the rest of us know to avoid you on the road. A signal that explains why you drive like an idiot. Fly your flag with pride! Show that you are lsoing your mind or that you haven't found it yet, do your thing! I drive like an idiot flags available for sale at now!
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Anonymous said...

Over 60's definitely need a yellow flag.

Hope your family is well.